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Great footage of overland journey

Ivan, Beth and the Beetle are midway through their 'Bye Bye Beetle Tour' in New Zealand. They're meeting many friendly faces on their trip and people who are fascinated by the 'old' Beetle. Their story is receiving lots of media attention online, as well as on the radio, TV and newspapers. If you're in New Zealand, keep an eye out on the news (or for the Beetle to drive by!)

See this TV news story from News Hub for some great footage of the overland journeys in 1961 and 1996.

The couple are now embarking on one final trip around the country to visit "significant places of our family history and the car's history", before donating their beloved vehicle to Auckland's Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT).

"It's bye bye Beetle," says Mr Hodge. "And we're delighted it's going in to MOTAT because there it will be cared for, and people will share it and look it and they may get some inspiration to do things themselves – that's the purpose if it."

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