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Broken windscreen drama on the first day

On the first day out on the road on their 'Bye Bye Beetle Tour', Ivan, Beth and the Beetle set off for Taumarunui in the King Country in the middle of the North Island, New Zealand. As the Beetle wound through the rugged countryside and national parks, a rock flicked up and hit its windscreen. (They hadn't even suffered a broken windscreen in the desert in Turkey!)

Thankfully, Horopito Motors - a 'garage' with paddocks of old parts - was on their route and the Beetle's windscreen was replaced with one from an old Hillman. As you can see from the photos, it was taped in for the day until it could be properly replaced.

In more pleasant news, Ivan and Beth dropped in to see their friend, Beverley, who had been a bridesmaid at their wedding in 1959. Bev had also been in London with them when they originally bought the Beetle. Read the story here:

The Beetle being patched up at Horopito Motors - Beth is hoping that the tape holds the windscreen on!

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