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Meeting a variety of cars

On its final tour in New Zealand, the Beetle is meeting a wide variety of other cars, including a green car with a cupcake on top and an old tank. See the photo gallery above.

The Bye Bye Beetle tour is supported by Volkswagen, which has provided a support car to accompany Ivan and Beth. The support car even has 'Bye Bye Beetle' signage on the side of it. The Beetle also dropped into a VW dealership for a comparison of old and new.

In For Love and a Beetle, Ivan discusses how much cars have changed over the past 50 years and the future with driverless cars.

"In the desert, when our Beetle broke down, someone with a few handy skills could repair it. With all the electronics and computerisation in modern cars, would we find anyone with the knowledge and equipment to fix a new one?"

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