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An epic love story

Ivan and Beth's marriage has been described as a 'threeway marriage' by the TV program, Seven Sharp, in a lovely story about Ivan, Beth and the Beetle.

Journalist Erin Conroy climbs into the back of the Beetle for a last ride and asks Ivan and Beth a few questions.

What's the secret to a 57-year love affair?

Ivan: "Get a car and go for a long drive!"

Beth: "There's no point having an argument when you're driving through the desert and there's only two of you in a car."

When they visited a VW dealer, Beth described the only problems they'd had with the Beetle on their overland trip. "We ran out of petrol, two flat tyres and a donkey. Apart from that, perfect."

Ivan, Beth and the Beetle - the start of an epic love affair

Picture: Beth, the Beetle and Ivan in 1961 at the beginning of an epic love affair.

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