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"My grandparents inspire me..."

Our eldest grandson Tahni has known the Beetle since he was born. He has always been interested in our story and now that he's at university, he is making his own plans to travel. (Here's a picture of Tahni as a young toddler in the Beetle's boot!)

On Monday night, he posted some photos of our trip on Reddit under the title: "My grandparents travelled the world twice in the same Volkswagen Beetle, twice. They inspire me. Here is a selection of photos taken on their 1961 and 1996 journey".

Lots of people responded with wonderful comments about their own Beetle and their own road journeys. There were also lots of questions about how to prepare for a journey like that. (Tahni kept me up all night repsonding to comments and questions - I'd never heard of Reddit before!)

We really enjoyed the conversation and appreciated all the support. It's great to see that we can inspire the younger generation. Here's one of the many comments ...

"Your grandparents sound like amazing people. What adventurous spirits! Please thank them for sharing their story and tell them I'm inspired... I already love to travel but doing something like this is next level. Thank you and enjoy the final journey!!!"

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